Using PPC REV Pro is like having a full team of analysts making intelligent updates on your account every day. It's built on the same powerful algorithms that are the backbone of our free automations on this platform and the full management services we provide.

If you've already developed campaigns you're happy with, but you just want to make sure they are continuiously optimized, PRO may be a great fit. With PRO you get:

  • Budget changes multiple times per day
  • Budget day parting
  • Keyword bid increases and decreases
  • Keyword pausing
  • Adding keywords based on high performance search terms
  • Adding negatives from search terms
  • Adgroup bid optimization and pausing
  • Placement adjustments and automation
  • Auto targeting adjustments
  • Adding keywords and negatives from auto campaigns
  • Adding ASIN targeting from auto campaigns
  • ASIN targeting bid adjustments and pausing
  • Sponsored brand budget automation
  • Sponsored brand keyword bid optimization
  • Low bid campaign creation
  • High performance campaign creation