Our team is changing the face of how sellers get seen and sell on Amazon. Using a proprietary system, our team has developed a cutting edge Amazon Advertising platform that utilizes Big Data to optimize campaigns for hundreds of sellers.

We put the power in the hands of the sellers to get notified and optimize campaigns based on their criteria. We also provide transpareny as to what changes were made an why.

Most importantly, we break down the complexities of advertising, by letting the user define a target ACOS for their account, portfolio or campaign. We then leverage software to examine thousands of data points to make adjustments to the campaigns that make sense to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joel Wolh is an Amazon Madman and co-founder of PPC REV (formerly Boutique Seller). Along with being a LinkedIn influencer and running a popular podcast Joel is a well known personality in the Amazon community.

Jacob Davis is a CTO by trade and the driver behind the software that powers PPC REV. Jacob joined Joel as partners in Boutique Seller and was able to leverage Amazon Adverising API to maximize the benefits of advertising for Amazon sellers.

PPC REV is focused on providing users the ability to recieve customized notifications about their campaigns as well as run optimizations according to the parameters they choose.

PPC REV is intended as a free tool for Amazon Sellers who manage their own campaigns. On launch PPC REV will offer sellers notifcations about their campaigns as well as the ability to run budget increases and decreases. The offers and terms of our free services may change as we launch more tools and have to support a larger audience.

Simply sign up for an account by logging in using your Amazon credentials. This is done through Amazon's login service and is completely secured by Amazon - we do not save or process any Amazon credentials.

Once you connect your Amazon account, you will be given a choice of marketplaces that you can add to your PPC REV dashboard. For each marketplace you can set custom notifications, rules, and ACOS targets.

Our free verion only offers reporting and optimizations for campaigns. The PRO version takes it to the next level by giving users the ability to optimize adgroups, keywords, targets, sponsored brand campaigns, placements and more. In addition PRO can add negatives and new keywords to campaigns as well as pause and enable campaigns based on the criteria set.

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