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Amazon Advertising is changing the way sellers do business. At PPC REV we're committed to giving sellers the FREE tools they need to keep their listings on the top of the page.

Get daily reports on your campaigns such as Out of Budget, Low Spend, and Performance . Automatically increase or decrease budgets on the schedule you choose.

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Our reports and automations will optimize around the ACOS Targets you set for your account. The power is in your hands.


No more sales lost on campaigns that are over or under spending. Automatic budget adjustments keep your account balanced.


Products with more ad sales will get ranked higher organically. Beat out the competition by advertising the right way.

Manage All Of Your Accounts In One Place

Whether you're running ads for your own company, or you are an agency managing hundreds of accounts, we make it easy to set unique configurations for each and every marketplace.

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Customize By Marketplace, Portfolio, or Campaign

We automatically pull all of the portfolios and campaigns from the marketplaces you add to PPC REV. Set ACOS targets and rules on a portfolio that will override the settings on the marketplace and on campaigns that override the portfolios.

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See All Of Your ACOS Targets and Optimizations

Use our summary page to quickly view the custom ACOS targets you've set for portfolios or campaigns, as well as all customized optimization rules.

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Control Notifications and Optimizations Account Wide

Easily configure notifcations for all marketplaces in your account, and then override for an individual marketplace as needed.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

A Great Company

They are always available to help and together with their great team we get things done. They have great strategies in place and it works - our Acos is down and sales are up!

SW 150-250K Monthly Total Sales, 35K Monthly Ad Sales
Off To A Great Start

In the last month since we started working together, we have turned our brand profitable for the first time, and we are contributing it largely to the fact that we changed to you.

NS 200-350K Monthly Total Sales, 100K Monthly Ad Sales

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